Frequently Asked Questions

You can schedule an appointment through the reservation calendar or by calling the attention number. You will receive an email with a form that you must fill out and forward. In the course of 24 hours you will receive the confirmation of the consultation.

Attend the online or face-to-face consultation, remember to express everything you feel and seek to achieve, we will carry a story regarding the case. If it is in person you must go to the office, if it is online, wait for the call at the time you chose at the time of making the consultation.

If the consultation is online, you must cancel the value after receiving the confirmation of the consultation, in case it is in cash, you must deposit the money, or you can do it through the applications available for payments. If your query is face-to-face, you cancel the value of the query at the end of the session.

The payment methods are: Cash, debit, credit, bank transfer or by applications: Venmo, Cash App or Zelle.

Each session is unique per patient. If it is couples therapy, both people attend. If it is family therapy, the family attends. In case you have nowhere to leave your young children from 1 to 6 years old, enter with the patient, and from 7 to 18, in the office there is a waiting room. A companion can also come but only the person who schedules this session enters.

Depending on the time all the information can be collected, the average time is 5 to 15 days per patient.

We accept private insurance, cash, or direct transfer. We do not receive coupons or government insurance.